Professor ZabihGhassemlooy


Professor ZabihGhassemlooy, CEng, Fellow of IET, Senior Member of IEEE and OSA: received BSc (Hons.) in electrical and electronics engineering from Manchester Metropolitan Univ.,  UK in 1981, and MSc (1984) and PhD (1987) from Univ. of Manchester, UK. From 1987 to 1988 was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, City Univ., UK.

In 1988 joined Sheffield Hallam Univ. as a Lecturer, becoming a Professor in 1997. In 2004 joined Univ. of Northumbria, Newcastle, as an Associate Dean (AD) for research in School of Engineering, and from 2012 to 2014 was AD for Research and Innovation, Faculty of Engineering and Environment, where he currently is Head of the Optical Communications Research Group.

In 2001 was awarded Tan Chin Tuan Fellowship in Engineering from Nanyang Technological Univ., Singapore. In 2016 was a Research Fellow and in 2015 a Distinguished Professor at Chines Academy of Science, Quanzhou, China. Visiting Professor at the Univ. Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (2013-17), and Huaqiao Univ., China (2017-18). Published over 785 papers (309 journals and 6 books), more than 92 keynote/invited talks, and supervised over 60 PhDs.

Research interests include optical wireless communications, free space optics, visible light communications, radio over fibre- free space optics, and sensor networks with project funding from EU, UK Research Council and industry. He was the Vice-Chair of EU Cost Action IC1101 (2011-16).

He is the Chief Editor of the British Journal of Applied Science and Technology and the International Journal of Optics and Applications, Associate Editor of a number of international journals, and Co-guest Editor of a number of special issues.

He is the fellow of the IET, a senior member of IEEE, a senior member of OSA, and a Charted Engineer. He a co-author of a book on Optical Wireless Communication – System and Channel Modelling with Matlab, CRC 2013, and a co-editor of four books including the Springer book on “Optical Wireless Communications – An Emerging Technology (2016)”, CRC book on “Visible Light Communications:

Theory and Applications, June 2017”, IGI Global book on “Intelligent Systems for Optical Networks Design: Advancing Techniques, 31 Mar 2013, and IET book on “Analogue Optical Fibre Communications, IEE Telecommunication series 32, 1995”.

He is the founder and chair/co-chair of a number of international events including the IEEE/IET Intern. Symposium on Communications Systems, Networks and DSP, West Asian Colloquium on Optical Wireless Communications, and Workshop on Optical Wireless Communications in ICC since 2015.

He is the Vice-Cahir of OSA Technical Group of Optics in Digital Systems (2018-). From 2004-06 he was the IEEE UK/IR Communications Chapter Secretary, the Vice-Chairman (2004-2008), the Chairman (2008-2011), and Chairman of the IET Northumbria Network (Oct 2011-2015). Googol Scholar: as of 6 Oct. 2018 – Citation 8667; h-index: 40; and i10-index: 221. Web site: