Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering (HDE)

The Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering at Kyambogo University provides the necessary balance of theoretical studies and practical training to students for a career as technicians and technologists in Electrical Engineering. It is a two years evening programme. 

The general objectives of the programme are to equip electrical engineering technologists with appropriate knowledge and skills to enable them to respond and adapt to changing electrical power, energy and electronics situations, apply and exercise health, safety and manage the environment and be employable and follow careers, ethics across a wide spectrum in the electrical engineering field.

Programme in brief

Students study all essential elements of electrical engineering

Year one covers engineering mathematics, electronic circuits, power supply principles, instrumentation and measurement principles and electrical machines.

Year two covers electrical installation, lighting, heating and cooling systems, power plant engineering, power supply systems, installation and maintenance of electrical machines and electrical machine drives. In many of the modules, you will have hands on in laboratories and workshops learning through experience. In the final year, you will have an opportunity to participate in a group engineering project.

You will also undergo industrial training during the recess term at the end of the first year. During industrial training, you will be attached to an industry and you will be able to relate the knowledge and skills obtained from the lecture rooms, laboratories and workshops to what happens in the field.

Admission to the programme shall be done in accordance with the University procedures and regulations. In addition, a person qualifies for admission to the Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering is he/she has an Ordinary Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering or equivalent obtained from a reputable institution.

After completing the Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering, you will be able to select from a number of careers at your disposal.

As a technologist, you will be able to provide solutions to day-to-day electrical engineering problems. The profession requires planning, designing, installation, operation and maintenance of the necessary systems, and interaction with people.

Recent Employers

Some recent employers of our diploma in Biomedical Engineering graduates include:

  • Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (UETCL)
  • Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Ltd(UEDCL)
  • Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd(UEDCL)
  • Electricity Regulatory Authority(ERA)
  • Umeme (U) Ltd
  • Eskom
  • National Water And Sewerage Cooperation (NWSC)
  • Rural Electrification Agency(REA)
  • Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development(MEMD)
  • Other many private companies and NGOs e.g. Aggreko, Village Power Uganda, Prime Power Uganda, Sure Power Supplies Ltd, Solar Energy For Africa, HP Electric Ltd, Power Trust Ug Ltd etc.

Work experience opportunities

All our students undertake industrial training during the recess period at the end of year one.

Further studies

A number of our HDE graduates go on to study degrees related to Electrical Engineering such as Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, either remaining at Kyambogo University or going to another institution of their choice.

Tuition Fees for 2018/2019 are UGX 750,000 (Home/EAC Students) and UGX 1,125,000 (International Students). The University reviews tuition fees on a regular basis.

There are other functional fees and other costs that you might incur while studying. These include costs for internship, research, medical fees and other expenses that you might include such as photocopying, printing, buying specialized equipment and tools.

We have put together some useful information to help you understand these costs. Please see our study costs page for full details.