Department’s Teaching and Research Facilities

The department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has a wide range of state of the art facilities that support teaching, research and learning activities.  These facilities ensure that our faculty members and students are provided with the resources and the infrastructure they need to learn and create new knowledge.


Our laboratories allow our faculty and students to further their learning and research. 

Degree and diploma students have access to several laboratories at the department where they perform experiments to demonstrate engineering principles.  These laboratories include:

The Electronics and Telecommunication Laboratory

The Electronics and Telecommunication Laboratory is equipped with facilities to enable faculty members and students perform experiments and do research in areas of radio frequency, optical communication, networks and electronics. The laboratory is well equipped with modern test instruments including oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers and other instruments.

Part of the Telecommunication and Electronics Laboratory

The Power Laboratory

The Power Lab provides facilities for research in areas such as power generation and distribution, electrical machines, renewable energy and power systems.  This laboratory has recently been equipped with modern workstations and test instruments.

The Power Laboratory with work stations and test equipment used to perform experiments in power generation, renewable energy and power systems.

The Biomedical Laboratory

The Biomedical laboratory is well equipped with most of the medical equipment including anesthesia machines, defibrillators, ECG, Infusion pumps, Electrosurgical units, Pulse oximeters, suction pumps and many others.  The laboratory was equipped by Amalthea Trust Foundation, a UK based charity organization. The foundation also facilitates volunteers from the UK to train our students on the state of the art equipment.

Computing Facilities

The department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has two computer labs with over 200 computers.  These computers have software installed on them that helps the faculty and students in research and innovation. The computers fully networked and connected to the internet. In addition, wireless hot spots are installed in most areas at the department and the students can access WiFi using their laptops and smart devices at their own convenience.

Computer Laboratory

Teaching Facilities

The department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has access to a wide range of modern lecture rooms, tutorial rooms and private study rooms.

Our lecture rooms are all of high standard with the state of the art audio-visual technology. The lecture rooms have interactive white boards and projectors.  These rooms are used to deliver content to the students using flexible teaching methods. We also utilize them to host webinars, tutorials and online short courses.

Our lecture rooms and tutorial rooms are well equipped with modern interactive white boards and projectors